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Building our Walking Meditation Circle

By Bryce Lawrence


Why Build a meditation Circle? well, let us go over some of the basics so you have an understanding of why these are built and what they are used for. Very similar to the idea of the Native American medicine wheel, our circle also represents the circle of life, and in a sense is a map of both light and dark forces ever-present within our universe. The ancient’s believed that by tapping into the sacred pathways that they could not only heal their bodies but attain enlightenment through spiritual energies and higher pearls of wisdom.

Though I have built many similar circles in the past, this one by far has been the most elaborate one to date. (yours doesn’t need to be as fancy) I have had simply a dirt circle prior to this one. For this project, I decided that the beach sand would work best as I simply love the beach and very much feel at peace near the ocean, so I brought in a half-ton to start with as a walking surface so that I can walk barefoot and connect with the root energy of the earth.

Next, I picked up a small landscaping border from the local Lowe’s and measured off a 60″ circle for my center design. Carefully keeping the circle round in shape stake down the entire border and connect both ends to keep it from moving.

I have the tendency to do things backward so you might want to put down your circle and border first and then add the sand at a later time.

Once the center circle border is staked down I then added two 80 pound bags of pre-mixed mortar cement with lime and smoothed to a finish. (I am very bad at concrete finishing)

After the concrete is mixed and poured, and smoothed out, it’s best to let the concrete dry overnight to prevent cracking as the concrete is only about 1 1/2″ to 2″ in thickness.  Then comes the creative part.  I Choose to use a Krylon spray paint that I also picked up from Lowes in both white and black semi-gloss to give the circle a good color definition for the yin-yang. (Your own personal circle can really be any design of your choosing) 

The sky is the limit here on design, for your own circle I suggest you meditate about it and choose a color scheme that suits one of the chakras you working on, or metaphysical shapes, crystals, or anything else that brings you inner peace in your personal meditations. (I have spent a lot of time choosing the right stones to place in my circle and mostly consisting of smooth river rock and quarts.)

As numerology is important in our meditations and prayers, I have chosen to use my painted rocks for my circle in reverence to this sacred numerology in sets of 3, for a total of 108.  Although I am not a Buddhist, I still believe that these prayers and repetitions and chants are sacred to an understanding of oneself in the yogi practice of meditation. (Read more on this subject here)

After the paint dries on my rocks I begin to place them in the circle by shape and size and how they sit on the concrete pad congruent to each other so that each stone touches one another; improving the flow of energy throughout. (This was a long process and I recommend a knee pad for those of us who are old!) 

At last, the final stages of my circle are coming together, and it’s really looking great! I choose to fill both the light and dark sides of the yin-yang with decorative glass beads. (can be ordered online or purchased from a local hobby shop approx $30) I choose black and clear beads because they reflect well in the sun and it adds a cool aesthetic that I enjoy almost making the surface look like water with the reflections.

Next, I spread out the glass beads to fill the areas all the way to the border stones.  Then put the finishing touches on your circle by adding other elements such as the glass bulb solar lights that I added for evening walks and added decoration.

Your personal circle should be a comfortable size for you to walk and placed in an open area if possible (for advanced training with martial arts).

Your own circle can be something as simple as a round piece of carpet or rug and does not need to be as fancy as my own. I personally take my circle with me to the forest or to the park where I will use available materials (Rocks or wood) to layout a boundary on the ground to walk around. 

My circle is sacred to me and I walk it every morning with my meditation and prayer. I enter the circle from the east as it represents the sunrise. I bow as I enter the circle and begin my walk. This process I have practiced for many years and helps balance my energy and relieves stress before my day starts and when my day ends also giving me time to reflect on my light energy and helps clear the mental stage to be in more of a balanced state of being within myself. For more information on this or to learn how to meditate with walking the circle please contact me for private lessons

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