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What in the world are Gin-Soaked Raisins? Let's cover some basics...

Are there benefits to eating NuN-Yah Raisins other than reducing inflammation?

One of the great side values of eating NuN-Yah Raisins is they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Eating 9 to 11 NuN-Yah Raisins before or after breakfast or dinner is good for you whereas Red Vines and Dorito’s might not be. Furthermore, honey and cinnamon bark oil are touted for many healthy benefits including heart health.

How long will my pound of NuN-Yah Raisins last?

There are between 225 and 245 raisins in a NuN-Yah Raisins pound. When you eat 10 a day, that 1 lb. will last you 3-4 weeks. Yet, Indulging in a few more will not be harmful. We encourage eating responsibly, of course.

Do I need to refrigerate my NuN-Yah Raisins?

Yes and No. They are made to have a long shelf life in the sealed bag. After opening we love ours cold from the fridge but it depends on the quantity you have. They should last over 90 days on the counter and many more months in the refrigerator. If you try to freeze them… well, they just don’t. freeze as they are made with gin.

They’re sticky. How do I eat them?

You can use a toothpick or some people enjoy using chopsticks to pop NuN-Yah Raisins into their mouths. We like to put them on oatmeal or in cereal or on toast. They’re good on ice cream, on bread pudding, in a cream cheese spread on a bagel, or on a celery stick. You can even stir them into your smoothie. Let us know when you find a new way to eat your NuN-Yah Raisins, and we’ll post your ideas on this site!

How many should I eat at a time?

Suggestions for average gin-soaked raisins range between 8 and 12 raisins a day. But because NuN-Yah Raisins are jumbo raisins we suggest that 8 to 10 a day should suffice. Since it’s a food regime, it takes a little time for your body to build up a balanced amount so we suggest eating 8 to 10 twice a day for the first 2 weeks. After that revert to the 8 to 10 a day plan.

Will I taste gin?

Well, let’s see… gin-soaked…ummmm – Yes! You’ll taste honey and cinnamon and a little bit-o-raisin too. Duh.

  Why are they called NuN-Yah raisins?

  So the story in my head goes something like this…

  The church nuns would always have gin and be hiding gin at church for devious or devilish purposes, or just to get drunk because church was boring (or at  least the childish part of my mind wants to believe) and there may or may not be some actual truth to that.

  The Truth is that Gin throughout history has been tied to churches and monasteries and groups of monks from around the globe who would make the alcohol from juniper berries (Terpenes) and infuse or pickle their raisins, dates, apricots and other berries and fruits in the Gin alcohol for medicinal and preservation purposes.

   We have created the NuN-Yah raisin in the Old world apothecary way the monks used in their recipe’s long ago. Using mother natures finest ingredients like Pure  vapor infused Gin made from Juniper berries & cinnamon bark oil from Siri Lanka. 

   The medicinal value itself comes from the combination of the raisin and the gin, where the terpene’s from the gin create highly anti-inflammatory chemical compounds within the body and the gut. No wonder it was used, gin raisins would alleviate pain for the old abbots and clergy…wise men who used what mother nature gave them.

   Many people misunderstand this nowadays in their interpretation of Nun-Yah raisins. These aren’t meant to get you drunk or intoxicated on alcohol in any way, in fact during our “sobering” process we simmer to them in a large cauldron on low heat, reducing the alcohol content even further to cut the harsh bite of the gin down and allow room for other flavors as well.

   Nuns! and Bums! were often used words we would chuckle at as kids when we were at play. I believe that life should be fun and I have had a lot of fun making this product for my own family and for yours.

   Playing & Improving the recipe and variations of it over the years with different types of cinnamon and honey has been some of my life’s finest work, so I wanted a name that’s not only fun, but memorable and unique, hence NuN-Yah raisins were named.

    And YES we believe they are that good!. Get your own bag because these raisins are NuN-yah business, yah Bum!

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This is what inspired our recipe….

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